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Strategies for Successful Presentations

Business Coaching "Out of Office":

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Presentation Training

"Strategies for Successful Presentations"

Improve your business presentation skills and present You and Your Business sucessfully.
Train with us. We support you with a tailored solution: from 2-days training to individual coaching.

2 - Days Training: on request, Zug, Zürich Area
Individual Coaching or Training may be arranged at any time

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Call for more Information: +41 (0)41 760 91 11
Your Presentation Trainer / Coach: Jitka Perina

Why Presentation Training?
Every single opportunity you get to present yourself, your product or service, is an opportunity not to be missed. Only compelling, concise and clear messages will get us the results we seek. Stand apart from your competition. Impress your audience by delivering a an outstanding presentation.
A tailored training or coaching enables you to ensure that every presentation you give will be a home run.

10 Steps to deliver Sucessful Presentations
1.  Begin with the audience in mind
2.  Know your topic
3.  Structure your presentation - Honor the Rule of Threes
4.  Think visually - Design your presentation 
5.  Use tools properly 
6.  Practice!
7.  Deal with anxiety
8.  Deliver your presentation
9.  Review - Learn
10. Enjoy presenting